Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review: Kryolan anti shine powder

I recently purchased the Kryolan anti shine powder off Ebay from a seller by the name of Shrinkle aka Amy of Sugarpill Cosmetics. I had heard many a good thing about this powder and since I am plagued with oily skin figured I would give it a try. Well let me tell ya this powder is a BLESSING, I just put it on after I finish doing my makeup and go. It is white, but I assure you it goes on translucent and does not look chalky nor does it start to show as the day goes on. I work 8-5 Monday- Friday so I usually do my makeup pretty early and usually around 9am or so I am touching up my powder to get rid of the dreaded shine and blotting my face with oil pads. Not with this! I can put it on in the morning and not worry about looking in the mirror 2 hours later to see that my face is all shiny and no more blotting! My face stays shine free all during my work day and I no longer have to touch up my powder during the day. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to any person who is tired of blotting and retouching their foundation. Here are a few pictures of the container and product and I will put a link to Shrinkle's Ebay store as well for anyone interested in purchasing. Also it is in a 30gram jar, so you get a lot of product and it will last quite awhile.

I hope this review (my first ever) was helpful. :)

Link to the shop: Shrinkle's Ebay listing

(sorry some pics were sideways. lol)

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