Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bulletproof Acidberries at 2am

Being that I am so in love with my new Heart Breaker palette from the wonderous Sugarpill, I pulled it out this morning when getting ready for work. I really like how it came out and think I might visit this look again sometime! I was only able to snap one full face shot and one shot of the eye as I was in a hurry to leave on time. Hope you guys enjoy!

 Happy Wednesday!!

Products used:
Lid: Acidberry from Sugarpill
Over Acidberry for a bit of shimmer: Absinthe from Sugarpill
Crease:  2AM from Sugarpill
Highlight base: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool
Highlight: Tako from Sugarpill
Liner: Tarte emphasEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner set with Bulletproof from Sugarpill.
Foundation: Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation in Tan-Deep
Blush: in Blushing Bride
Lips: Glamour Doll Eyes gloss in Juliet (was limited edition with the Valentine's Day set)

Hips,whips and strawberry lips:

My first look with my new Heart Breaker palette!

I decided last minute last night to go have sushi and that meant doing my makeup. What did I go for you ask? Sugarpill of course! I just had to break out my new Heart Breaker palette and am really happy with how the look came out! The colors blended really well together and were nice and vibrant. I only got a few pics of my eye as I was in a little bit of a hurry and hadn't done my whole face yet but wanted to at least get the eye makeup. On to the pics!


No flash

I really REALLY love this palette and can see myself grabbing for it very often in the future. Do you have the palette? If so what are your thoughts?

Products used:
1st lid color: Mochi
2nd lid color: Acidberry
3rd lid color: 2 AM
Crease: Velocity
Highlight: Tako
Bottom lash line: Mochi, Acidberry, 2AM, Velocity
Brows: Poison Plum
Liner: Tarte emphasEYES waterproof Amazonian clay liner in Black set with Bulletproof
Mascara: Tarte Lights, camera lashes in Black
Primer: Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak
Eyeshadow base: Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow in Too Cool

Where to buy:
Glamour Doll Eyes 

Hope you guys and dolls have a lovely Wednesday!

Hips, whips and strawberry lips:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette!!!! ♥

  Like many women, I was incredibly excited about the launch of the new Sugarpill palette and when teaser pictures started popping up on the SP fan page I was drooling like a kid in a candy store yearning for a release date. Well that date was announced and it was May 18th at 12am EST and I immediately set aside my $39 to snag the palette right at launch time hell or high water. I set my alarm for 1:50am Thursday night so that I would be up and ready to stalk the site and order as soon as it was possible for fear that it would sell out like SP stuff has a habit of doing. I got my shipping notice at around 9:30pm Friday and received my palette on Monday 5/21, super fast and much to my delight. So with all that said I am very happy to bring to you my swatches and insights on this incredibly fun palette!

*Note all swatches done over Concrete Minerals Electric eye primer.

The front of the palette which is made of a heavy cardboard, it has a large mirror in it but like a dummy I delete the pic of it fully opened. :/

The back of the palette with all the ingredients.

All 4 beauties in their little 'home'.

Acidberry: I love lime green colors and this one does not disappoint! It is a matte shade with a slight sheen to it. It swatched well with little powder kick up and has lovely pigmentation.

Velocity: Kind of the matte and less sparkly version of Royal Sugar, it too has a slight sheen to it. It swatched pretty well with little product kick up and also has great pigmentation.

Mochi, a matte seafoam color with slight sheen: This is probably my favorite of the bunch! It swatched wonderfully, has great pigmentation and I am sure it will blend like butter when used!

2 AM: Matte purple with slight sheen, kinda of reminds me of Poison Plum really blended down. It swatched well with good pigmentation and I think will be a color I go to often.

2AM, Velocity, Acidberry, Mochi

I love the subtle blueish sheen in 2am!




I love Sugarpill's packaging done by the wonderfully talented Miss Kika. I got my free sample of Junebug which I am happy about as it is one of the few Chromalusts I do not have! I also like the extra sparkly sticker. :)

Would I recommend this palette to a friend? YES! In fact go out and buy it now! I am in love with everything I have ever gotten from Sugarpill and their fantastic customer service only makes the whole experience even better.

Where can you get it? Sugarpill
How much? $34 + $5 shipping for a total of $ 39.

(This may sound high, but being each shadow on it's own is $12, you are saving $14 and it is like getting a free shade. Not to mention these shadows are .14oz (4 grams) vs the 0.05oz (1.5 grams)of a MAC shadow which are $11.50 a piece, so you are getting a lot for you money)

I hope this was helpful to some of you ladies and gents and until next time.

Hips.whips and strawberry lips:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM for May!

As you may or may not know Glamour Doll Eyes has a monthly subscription service where you get a limited edition shadow sent to you every month. You can sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription, the 3 month is $15 and the 6 month is $24 and they include the shipping. Some months you will get just the limited shadow and others there are little extras thrown in, this was one of the extra months! This month came with a color by the name of Downtown, a EB 23 angled liner brush from Sedona Lace and a dropper bottle of  Foil Me. I was excited to get the brush as I have been wanting to try Sedona Lace brushes and am looking forward to trying it out in the coming days. Foil Me is great stuff if you can get the chance to try it. Now on to the swatch of the OTM color!

I am lame and forgot to snap a pic of the brush. Photo courtesy of

Swatched dry over lotioned skin only

Blurry so you can see the sparkles!

So pretty!

As you can see this is a beautiful color. I am looking forward to using it in a look soon. Vee has out done herself again and it only makes me that more excited to receive June's OTM color!

I hope you all enjoyed this little look at the newest OTM and hope you look into a subscription!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Hips,whips and strawberry lips: