Friday, October 19, 2012

Custom He-Man and She-Ra collection!

Awhile back I went to the lovely Holly over at Moi Minerals and asked her if she could work her magic on a He-Man and She-ra inspired set for me, much to my happiness she agreed! I had a SUPER hard time narrowing down which characters I wanted the colors modeled by as between the series there are tons of great choices. I finally settled on He-Man, She-ra, Hordak, Evil-lyn, Battle Cat, Swiftwind, Skeletor and The sorceress of Grey Skull. I am super tempted to ask her again to do some inspired by Man-at-arms, Teela, Orko and a few others, but we shall see about that. lol. I am really pleased with this collection and was happy and surprised to find she added in a tube of Hubba Hubba lip balm to the mix.Thank you Holly! ♥

I love the labels for the balms!

Such a pretty balm, sadly I forgot to do a swatch pic :(

I love the added touch of the labels! 

Top to bottom: Battle Cat, Swiftwind,  The Sorceress, He-Man, She-ra, Evil-lyn, Skeletor, Hordak (no flash)

with flash

L-R He-Man, The Sorceress, Swiftwind and Battle Cat ( no flash)

L-R Hordak, Skeletor, Evil-lyn and She-ra (no flash)

with flash

with flash

Color descriptions:

She-ra: white with gold and red flecks
Swiftwind: orange with blue,pink and silver flecks
He-man: yellow /orange with blue and red
Battlecat: green with orange,red and yellow
Skeletor : Med. Blue with purple and gold
Evil-lyn: purple with blue and black
The Sorceress:  silvery white/blue with orange and blue sparkle
Hordak: black with red,blue and silver

I am in love with these colors, they are so fun and exactly what I wanted! I can't wait to use them in looks and really play with them. Thank you so much to Holly for doing this for me as well, you are THE BEST! :)

Hips, whips and strawberry lips:

Happy Halloween from Moi Minerals!

Moi Minerals put out their Halloween Collection recently and I snagged one up pretty much as soon as it went on sale! I really like how Holly offers a wide variety of options with her collections and this one is no exception. You can either purchase each shadow individually or in a set in full or sample sizes.

Prices in USD:
Sample size set: $ 8.00
Full Size set: $ 19.00
Single shadow deluxe sample size: $ 2.25
Single shadow in full size: $ 6.00

There were also 3 lip glosses released for Halloween that I was unable to order with the shadows, but plan on getting soon. Their names are Elvira ($3.75) , Rose Mary ($3.75) and Bloody Mary ($4.75) and come in 3.5ml gloss tubes with doe foot applicators. Once I get those I will do a post on them.

*Color descriptions are off the site and please don't mind that my pictures got out of order*

Everything together in the little bag ♥

Ichabod: A deep turquoise that shifts from gold-pink-purple (certain ways the light hits it)

Over look hotel : Soft smokey blue duochrome that has a purple/violet shift with flecks of gold

T-B: Ichabod, Clarice, Zombification and Over Look Hotel (no flash)

T-B: Ichabod, Clarice, Zombification and Over Look Hotel (flash)

Skull soaps! These little guys smell like happiness!

The backs of the jars with ingredients

Clarice:Beautiful coppery wine shade that shifts blue-green-gold (certain ways the light hits it)

Zombification: Shimmery Olive gold loaded with shimmers of yellow & gold.   

I LOVE these colors and can not wait to get the glosses! Of the 4 I think Ichabod and Overlook Hotel are my favorites, but they are all wonderful. This is a wonderful collection and Holly did a great job with it, I'm glad to have these colors in my collection. ♥

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you haven't gotten this set....DO IT!

Happy Friday and as always:

Hips, whips and strawberry lips,

*swatches done over Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak primer

*All products shown were purchased with my own funds and opinions are mine and honest

BFTE Bite Me Halloween Collection!

The other day I received the Bite Me collection from BFTE and jeepers is it lovely! You can get the set two ways, with or without a lip gloss. The set without the gloss is $25 and with it is $29, a pretty good deal for 5 full size shadows and a gloss. If you plan on getting the set, I would suggest doing it soon as there was limited quantity, you won't be disappointed! As of today I believe there are 30 sets left.

*swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric eye primer

Fake vampire teeth! I forgot to get a pic of the after I took them out of the box. :/

 Bite Me lip gloss, really smooth and opaque

Some Girls Bite, this is red, not orange. For some reason I could not get it correctly

Sinister Instincts

Guilty Pleasures

Full Moon Rising

Dark Prince

The ingredients for the shadows and gloss

T-B Dark Prince, Guilty Pleasures, Full Moon Rising, Some Girls Bite and Sinister Instincts (no flash)

T-B Dark Prince, Guilty Pleasures, Full Moon Rising, Some Girls Bite and Sinister Instincts (flash)

Love this gloss, it is SO pretty on!

My favs of the bunch are Guilty Pleasures, Sinister Instincts and Dark Prince. Guilty Pleasures, Sinister Instincts and Full Moon Rising were the easiest to swatch while Dark Prince was the most difficult. Again BFTE has made me remember why I adore their products as much as I do. ♥

Happy Friday!

Hips,whips and strawberry lips:

*Products shown were purchased with my own funds and opinions are honest and my own*