Sunday, December 18, 2011

BFTE Contest

one of my favorite cosmetics companies beauty from the earth is having a contest! they will be giving away their holiday sets to the lucky winner,if you haven't heard of bfte or tried them you are seriously missing out! their facebook page is full of the kindest ladies who always post super fab looks,i find myself checking it multiple times a day. on a side note, terribly sorry i have not blogged lately,been having internet issues and am doing this from my phone. i hope everyone one has a wonderful holiday season and the link to the contest will be below. beauty from the earth contest!

Friday, October 21, 2011

SugarPill Swatches and mini review

So as anyone who knows me knows, I am in love with Sugarpill! Their shadows are crazy pigmented, smooth and blend wonderfully. Customer service is awesome and they are packaged in the cutest boxes and come in a custom box with the Sugarpill logo on it. Currently I have all the pressed shadows and 7 of the Chromalusts, this blog post will have the Chromalusts that I adore so much. I'm not too good at reviewing things and so I'm gonna keep this short, but if you love bright colors that blend like a dream then Sugarpill is the brand for you!
(The photos got out of order when I uploaded them and I don't know how to rearrange them on Blogger, so sorry for that. If anyone knows, please let me know)
the adorable box they come in!

the lid, this is printed on and not a sticker.

Tiara is almost like putting liquid silver on your eyes when it's foiled, love it!

In the jar

Tiara: left is dry and right is over GDE's Foil Me

Lumi swatches: Top is over Nyx jumbo pencil in Purple Velvet, top left is dry, top right is over  Foil Me. Bottom left in over Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk and bottom right is over Nyx jumbo pencil in Black Bean. This color is FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

Up close of Lumi over Milk

Up close of Lumi over BlackBean

Lumi in the jar

Sorry it is blurry :/

Goldilux in the jar. (LOVE this, best gold ever!)

left is dry and right is over Foil Me

Weekender in the jar, so sparkly and full of yummy purple goodness!

left is dry and right is over Foil Me 

Asylum in the jar (this color can totally be toned down a bit to make a great fall look with)

left is dry and right is over Foil Me

Absinthe in the jar (I love how bright, fun and sparkly this color is)

Hysteric in the jar (I swear Amy makes the most rockin' purples, love this color)

Hysteric dry on the left and over Foil me to the right

Absinthe dry on the left and over Foil Me to the right.

I would highly recommend anyone who likes color to get EVERYTHING from Sugarpill! Amy has really impressed me with her line so far with everything I have bought from her and I look forward to seeing what else she has in store.  I will hopefully have my swatches up of the pressed shadows by the end of the weekend.

Where to buy Sugarpill: Sugarpill Cosmetics
Where to get Foil Me: Glamour Doll Eyes

Until next time, hips, whips and strawberry lips. ♥

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Look with BFTE Pick your poison collection

So as you all know I got my BFTE Pick your Poison Halloween collection this past Saturday. I could NOT wait to play with them and here is the look I did using the collection. I didn't do a whole face as it was very late and I didn't want to do a whole face. lol Hope you enjoy. :)

Products used:
GDE Foil Me
BFTE Cat Eye about 3/4 of the lid
BFTE Bat Wing other 1/4 of the lid and outer V and blended some into crease.
BFTE Spider Venom in crease
BFTE Snake Oil on lower lash line
Concrete Minerals White Rabbit as highlight and inner corner of eye.
Maybelline Volum Express The Colossal mascara in Glam Black
Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Blackest Black

Beauty from the Earth
Glamour Doll Eyes
Concrete Minerals

Hope you enjoyed this quick look I did the other night and I hope you have a good rest of your Thursday evening.

Hips, whips and strawberry lips,

GDE Twi shadows!

Here I have the Twi-Shadows collection from Glamour Doll Eyes. I'm not a huge Twilight fan but being that I love GDE, I just had to get it! I really like this collection and think there are some gorgeous colors in there (Just Bitten, I'm looking at you). The labels are cute and they all swatched well even though I had a little bit harder of a time swatching Black Ice; mainly I think because of all the sparkles. All but two of the shadows are vegan and all but four are lip safe. All in all I am glad to have these colors in my collection and yet again must give it to Vee for delivering a fantastic product. :)


      The bottom of the jar which tells you the color and whether or not it is vegan and lip safe. (this is also the order I have them swatched on my hand)
1st row left to right: Big Brother, Black Ice, Mind Reader and Just Bitten
2nd row left to right: Premonition, Mood Swing and The Perfect Cure
3rd row left to right: Skin of a Killer, Dear Mom and Family Secret
    Big Brother (no flash and indoors)
    Black Ice  (no flash and indoors)
     Mind Reader  (no flash and indoors)
      Just Bitten  (no flash and indoors)
          Premonition  (no flash and indoors)
           Mood Swing  (no flash and indoors)
             The Perfect Cure  (no flash and indoors)
             Skin of a Killer  (no flash and indoors)
             Dear Mom  (no flash and indoors)
              Family Secret  (no flash and indoors)
                                            (no flash and indoors)

                                                with flash and indoors

I would have to say my favorites of the bunch are Mind Reader, Just Bitten, Skin of a Killer and Premonition.

You can get them here Glamour Doll Eyes. *Note* The site is currently down due to Vee being ill and having a surgery, I will post on my Girl Disappearing Facebook Page as soon as I see she is back and the site is up.

*All swatches were done over Glamour Doll's Foil Me*

Until next time lovelies :)

Hips, whips and Strawberry Lips,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

BFTE Halloween Collection

 I got the Beauty From the Earth Halloween collection today and just had to share! Halloween is my favorite holiday next to New Years and so learning one of my favorite cosmetics companies was putting out a Halloween collection put me in a glee overload! The collection has 4 new shadows and a lip gloss along with COOKIES! Each color is stunning and the gloss is just a right amount of color for me since I usually prefer a more lightly tinted lip. Anyway, on to the pics!

          In sunlight: Top L-R Cat Eye, Bat Wing  Bottom L-R Spider Venom, Snake Oil
                                Indoors with flash (sparkles!)
                               The collection, the box is adorable!
                        Spider Venom, Cat Eye, Bat Wing and Snake Oil (clockwise)
 Snake Oil a gorgeous orange/gold, one of my favorite of the bunch and I can't wait to do a look with it!
 Bat Wing (had a hard time getting a good pic of this one) a beautiful brown/gold.
             Cat Eye is fantastic, another I am excited to play with!
 Spider Venom, I am in love with this color! I have a huge thing for purple anything and this is definitely up there with my favorite purples now!

      The gloss One Last Kiss, for me it is more like a tinted lip balm. I like how it feels on, very moisturizing and the lovely pink/coral tint it has I love and will definitely keep this in my purse!

All in all I love this collection and highly recommend everyone to get it ASAP! There were only 65 made, so get it while you still can!

Get the set here: BFTE Halloween Collection

Swatches done over Glamour Doll Eyes' Foil Me.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Hip, Whips and Strawberry lips: