Thursday, September 1, 2011

SUPER quick look I did this morning with Urban Decay.

I was running WAY behind this morning for work and so I had to hurry my makeup along, so please excuse the possible sloppiness of the pic and look. lol I thought I would share anyway since I liked it even though it was not as polished as usual.

I didn't have time to line my water line. :(

Products used:

Urban Decay's Shattered loose pigment on lid
Glamour Doll Eyes' Ancestry for highlight
Urban Decay's Ecstasy liquid eyeliner
Glamour Doll Eyes' primer (it doesn't have a name yet, I'm testing it out)
Maybelline XXL Bold mascara in Black

Where to get:

Urban Decay

Glamour Doll Eyes

Hips, whips and strawberry lips:

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