Monday, September 5, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Super shadows!

I decided to swatch my Super shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes today. These colors are wonderful, they blend well together, apply smoothly and are very pigmented. My favorites from the bunch are Ancestry, Feline Fatale, Spider Sense and Recruit. They are all fantastic though and regulars that I grab for. If you have not checked out Glamour Doll, I would suggest it, they have a wide variety of shades and customer service is awesome. I swatched them dry over GDE's foil me.  On with the swatch pics!

                                                                             With flash

 Colors: (used 2nd pic for reference)

Top row l-r
Vigilante is a darkened blue with black undertones and a silver sparkle throughout.
 Recruit is a rich teal with silver sparkles throughout.
Mighty Maiden is a light sky blue with subtle gold and silver sparkle.

Second row:
Bird? Plane? is a bright blue with yellow and golden sparkles throughout.
 Light Speed is a medium orange with gold and red sparkle.
Schizophrenic is chartreuse green with subtle purple shimmer.
Ancestry is a satin white with rich silk gold undertones and sparkle. (one of my favorite highlight colors)

Third row:
Spider-Sense is a medium to dark red with blue sparkle.
Cajun is a medium to bright pink with orange and gold sparkle and sheen.
 Feline Fatale is a bright purple with subtle black undertones.

Sadly I didnt swatch Light Speed well enough, think it kinda blends into my skin some. lol But it is a vibrant orange I assure you. I love GDE and highly recommend them to anyone looking for fun colors. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. 

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