Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette!!!! ♥

  Like many women, I was incredibly excited about the launch of the new Sugarpill palette and when teaser pictures started popping up on the SP fan page I was drooling like a kid in a candy store yearning for a release date. Well that date was announced and it was May 18th at 12am EST and I immediately set aside my $39 to snag the palette right at launch time hell or high water. I set my alarm for 1:50am Thursday night so that I would be up and ready to stalk the site and order as soon as it was possible for fear that it would sell out like SP stuff has a habit of doing. I got my shipping notice at around 9:30pm Friday and received my palette on Monday 5/21, super fast and much to my delight. So with all that said I am very happy to bring to you my swatches and insights on this incredibly fun palette!

*Note all swatches done over Concrete Minerals Electric eye primer.

The front of the palette which is made of a heavy cardboard, it has a large mirror in it but like a dummy I delete the pic of it fully opened. :/

The back of the palette with all the ingredients.

All 4 beauties in their little 'home'.

Acidberry: I love lime green colors and this one does not disappoint! It is a matte shade with a slight sheen to it. It swatched well with little powder kick up and has lovely pigmentation.

Velocity: Kind of the matte and less sparkly version of Royal Sugar, it too has a slight sheen to it. It swatched pretty well with little product kick up and also has great pigmentation.

Mochi, a matte seafoam color with slight sheen: This is probably my favorite of the bunch! It swatched wonderfully, has great pigmentation and I am sure it will blend like butter when used!

2 AM: Matte purple with slight sheen, kinda of reminds me of Poison Plum really blended down. It swatched well with good pigmentation and I think will be a color I go to often.

2AM, Velocity, Acidberry, Mochi

I love the subtle blueish sheen in 2am!




I love Sugarpill's packaging done by the wonderfully talented Miss Kika. I got my free sample of Junebug which I am happy about as it is one of the few Chromalusts I do not have! I also like the extra sparkly sticker. :)

Would I recommend this palette to a friend? YES! In fact go out and buy it now! I am in love with everything I have ever gotten from Sugarpill and their fantastic customer service only makes the whole experience even better.

Where can you get it? Sugarpill
How much? $34 + $5 shipping for a total of $ 39.

(This may sound high, but being each shadow on it's own is $12, you are saving $14 and it is like getting a free shade. Not to mention these shadows are .14oz (4 grams) vs the 0.05oz (1.5 grams)of a MAC shadow which are $11.50 a piece, so you are getting a lot for you money)

I hope this was helpful to some of you ladies and gents and until next time.

Hips.whips and strawberry lips:

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