Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Halloween from Moi Minerals!

Moi Minerals put out their Halloween Collection recently and I snagged one up pretty much as soon as it went on sale! I really like how Holly offers a wide variety of options with her collections and this one is no exception. You can either purchase each shadow individually or in a set in full or sample sizes.

Prices in USD:
Sample size set: $ 8.00
Full Size set: $ 19.00
Single shadow deluxe sample size: $ 2.25
Single shadow in full size: $ 6.00

There were also 3 lip glosses released for Halloween that I was unable to order with the shadows, but plan on getting soon. Their names are Elvira ($3.75) , Rose Mary ($3.75) and Bloody Mary ($4.75) and come in 3.5ml gloss tubes with doe foot applicators. Once I get those I will do a post on them.

*Color descriptions are off the site and please don't mind that my pictures got out of order*

Everything together in the little bag ♥

Ichabod: A deep turquoise that shifts from gold-pink-purple (certain ways the light hits it)

Over look hotel : Soft smokey blue duochrome that has a purple/violet shift with flecks of gold

T-B: Ichabod, Clarice, Zombification and Over Look Hotel (no flash)

T-B: Ichabod, Clarice, Zombification and Over Look Hotel (flash)

Skull soaps! These little guys smell like happiness!

The backs of the jars with ingredients

Clarice:Beautiful coppery wine shade that shifts blue-green-gold (certain ways the light hits it)

Zombification: Shimmery Olive gold loaded with shimmers of yellow & gold.   

I LOVE these colors and can not wait to get the glosses! Of the 4 I think Ichabod and Overlook Hotel are my favorites, but they are all wonderful. This is a wonderful collection and Holly did a great job with it, I'm glad to have these colors in my collection. ♥

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you haven't gotten this set....DO IT!

Happy Friday and as always:

Hips, whips and strawberry lips,

*swatches done over Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak primer

*All products shown were purchased with my own funds and opinions are mine and honest

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