Sunday, November 11, 2012

Madd Style Halloween swatches

These are SO late it isn't even funny and for that I am sorry, I've been on a bit of a stricter budget and haven't been purchasing nearly as much as I was, there are also a few personal things going on keeping me from blogging. Anywho, on to the swatches of this incredibly lovely collection by the lovely Mo at Madd Style Cosmetics, these were from the Halloween grab bag that sold out crazy fast. There were two other Halloween collections as well, the Alice in Zombie Land and Shaun of the Dead collections, when I get those I shall post here as well. :)

Everything came in this cute pumpkin bag

Stickers, card, buttons and piggies, OH MY!

The bottom of the piggy jars with ingredients

A glitter and shadow sample. 

Blush sample! I'm totally into blushes and lippies right now, so it's perfect. 

This smells like happy and feels like silk on

Please don't mind my horribly chipped nails :/

The Bride. LOVE

Frankenberry, my new favorite highlight color!

Wolfsbane, love it and am sad the pretty orange sparkles did not show. :(

T-B The Bride, Frankenberry, Wolfsbane, Are You My Mummy?,  Fright Night Glitz and  Fan Girl (blush)

I love these shades and can see myself pulling them out quite often! I have a feeling The Bride will make an awesome liner and Frankenberry hasn't left my dresser since I got it because it is full of awesome. I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Hips, whips and strawberry lips:

*Swatches done over Concrete Minerals Electric eye primer
** All products shown were purchased by me and any thoughts are my own

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