Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GDE Twi shadows!

Here I have the Twi-Shadows collection from Glamour Doll Eyes. I'm not a huge Twilight fan but being that I love GDE, I just had to get it! I really like this collection and think there are some gorgeous colors in there (Just Bitten, I'm looking at you). The labels are cute and they all swatched well even though I had a little bit harder of a time swatching Black Ice; mainly I think because of all the sparkles. All but two of the shadows are vegan and all but four are lip safe. All in all I am glad to have these colors in my collection and yet again must give it to Vee for delivering a fantastic product. :)


      The bottom of the jar which tells you the color and whether or not it is vegan and lip safe. (this is also the order I have them swatched on my hand)
1st row left to right: Big Brother, Black Ice, Mind Reader and Just Bitten
2nd row left to right: Premonition, Mood Swing and The Perfect Cure
3rd row left to right: Skin of a Killer, Dear Mom and Family Secret
    Big Brother (no flash and indoors)
    Black Ice  (no flash and indoors)
     Mind Reader  (no flash and indoors)
      Just Bitten  (no flash and indoors)
          Premonition  (no flash and indoors)
           Mood Swing  (no flash and indoors)
             The Perfect Cure  (no flash and indoors)
             Skin of a Killer  (no flash and indoors)
             Dear Mom  (no flash and indoors)
              Family Secret  (no flash and indoors)
                                            (no flash and indoors)

                                                with flash and indoors

I would have to say my favorites of the bunch are Mind Reader, Just Bitten, Skin of a Killer and Premonition.

You can get them here Glamour Doll Eyes. *Note* The site is currently down due to Vee being ill and having a surgery, I will post on my Girl Disappearing Facebook Page as soon as I see she is back and the site is up.

*All swatches were done over Glamour Doll's Foil Me*

Until next time lovelies :)

Hips, whips and Strawberry Lips,

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