Friday, March 16, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes of the month colors.

Glamour Doll Eyes started a subscription plan back in January where you will get an exclusive shadow that is only available for a certain time. People who subscribe get the color shipped to them before it is available to the general public. There are two different subscription levels, a three and six month. The 3 month is $15.00 and the 6 month is $24.00, the prices include shipping and I think is a really good price being full size jars are usually $6.00 with $2.97 first class shipping. If you are a lover of GDE, I suggest you give it a go. Below you will find swatches of January- March's of the month colors and I will start doing a post every month when I receive that month's color for you guys. :) Onward!

Resolution: January's OTM (my fav so far)

Heedless Heart: February's OTM

Inspired: March's OTM



Heedless Heart

L-R Resolution, Heedless Heart, Inspired
Each color is pigmented and applies smoothly, I haven't used Inspired yet, but will try and post pics of some looks with them soon. Heedless Heart and Resolution both blended well the times I have used them and am glad to have them in my collection.

Up next the few 80's child and Big Cities shadows I was able to grab up when Vee was selling the rest of the stock.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are careful during your St. Patrick's day festivities.

Hips,whip and strawberry lips:

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