Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mini Moi haulage!

Moi Minerals has just launched their new website and until the month of July you can get 25% off all purchases! I was very excited to see that now you can earn rewards points for purchases, there is a wishlist and a new Color of the Month program where you get a full size shadow for $1.99. The site looks great and there are some new items to drool over. Speaking of new items, on to the pics of my new pretties!

Left to right: Diego, Mercy and Spank Me

L-R: Bloom, Awakening, Affection, I ♥ Coral, Rosewood, Cheeky

This is a tinted lip balm, I like it but I had to layer it a TON to get any color. My lips are pretty pigmented though, so that might be why.

Summer Loving ingredients 

Aphrodisiac lip gloss: Like all the other glosses I have gotten from Moi, I love this one! Gorgeous color, very pigmented and feels great on.


Look at how bright and fab this color is! This is the first lipstick I have tried from MOI and it will NOT be the last. Love it! 

Summer Loving rolled up (crappy pic :/)

The applicator for Aphrodisiac

The blush samples in their baggies

Such a lovely blue that you can now grab for $1.99!

New labels on the pots! Love them

L-R Don't Tell, Aphrodisiac and Summer Loving

I hope that you all liked this post and also hope that if you have yet to check out Moi you give them a shot. Holly has wonderful service and wonderful products at great prices, you won't be disappointed.

I hope you have a great rest of your day and as always:

Hips,whips and strawberry lips:


*All product were purchased with my own $ and opinions are solely my own

P.S. Does anyone know if and how you can re-position pics on Blogger? It drives me nuts when they are all out of whack like this.


  1. I cant wait to get my "first order off the new site" as well! Seems like alot of girls are getting Mercy! .... Cause, i to ordered it! lol. Rave reviews from other ladies as well! I love MOI~! I have, including samples sizes and fulls 48 MOI shadows & counting! diego is a amazing.. its on the top 5 colors i always recommend when asked "which MOI minerals should I try" few months ago i got a full cause my sample I was given (along with many as a gift one x-mas)was almost gone! its a great " go-to" shade. I cant wait to get my Aphrodisiac! and now i got to get that lip stick you brought! lol. and i enjoyed reading your blog! thanks for sharing!!!

    p.s MOI is amazing! amazing products! and HOLLY is just the sweetest!

    1. Moi has quickly become one of my favorite companies to buy from not only because of the awesome products but Holly's great service. I'm really looking forward to getting my other order I placed like three days after this one. Lol.