Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Custom Care Bear collection!!!!

Around the beginning of May I had the idea of a Care Bear eye shadow collection, being that I do not know the first thing about creating shadows and I absolutely love her products I sought out Holly of Moi Minerals to create it and boy am I glad I did! She did a fantastic job on them and I could not be happier , she even made custom labels for the lids! I chose the Care Bears that I thought would make fun looking shadows which you can see here: The 'models' circled in yellow. When she sent me the pictures of the shadows when she was done I almost fell over out of excitement! Those pictures she sent me are here, here, here, here, here, here and here and I am sure you can all see why I almost fell over upon their receipt. lol Holly did an amazing job with these and I am looking forward to my next collection that is being worked on at the moment. (It's He-man and She-Ra inspired) I could go on and on and on about my excitement over this collection, but I think that I will hop onto the pics I took. Sorry about the lighting, it was evening time and so I had to us lamps and things.

I like how she listed the ingredients for me. :)

OMG the cuteness!!

L-R Do Your Best Bear, Share Bear, Laugh A lot, Hopeful Hear, Cheer Bear and Friend Bear

Swatched the colors over Concrete Minerals' Electric eye primer

 Color descriptions:

Hopeful Heart Bear: pink with rainbow sparks
Do Your Best Bear: green with rainbow sparks
Cheer Bear: light pink with rainbow sparks
Friend Bear: orange with gold sparks
Laugh A lot Bear: red/orange with gold sparks
Share Bear: purple with pink & blue sparks

 I had a very hard time picking up the sparkles and my pics do not do these shadows any justice, they are beautiful! I am wearing Do Your Best today and it blended out wonderfully and is so darn pretty on, totally going to wear this one a lot and will post some looks with them as soon as I can.

I hope you all like these colors as much as I do, I couldn't be happier with them and would like to thank Holly yet again for doing this for me, I love them. ♥

I wish you all a lovely Tuesday and as always:

Hips, whips and strawberry lips,


  1. That's just too much cuteness! I'm jealous!

    1. I am very happy with them and since people were liking the pics I posted last night,Holly has mentioned maybe doing a few sets of these colors. :)