Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moi Mineral Cosmetics April auction winnings!

Back in April Moi Minerals had a little auction and I happened to win 3 of those auctions. What happens is several products are put up and people bid on them just as you would in any other auction, it is a lot of fun to do, plus you get pretty things if you win! You might be wondering why if this was in April I am posting it in June and that is because I got them yesterday. To save shipping I got my winnings shipped with a custom collection that Holly was working on for me. What I got were 4 lip glosses and a full size shadow in the color Hunter. I will now proceed to the swatches!

*Note I didn't do lip swatches of the glosses because my lips were really chapped and I didn't want to scare you all.

The lovely note written on my invoice. :)

The glosses and shadow. They are Dripping in Gold, Naughty Nurse, Love song and One Horned Unicorn.

Hunter, my pics do not do it justice, it is very pretty!

This color is green with what seem to me to be maybe rainbow sparkles in it (I stink at color descriptions),it swatched well and is going to be an often used color I think!

L-R Love Song (my fav), One Horned Unicorn, Naughty Nurse and Dripping in Gold.

My favorite of the glosses so far is Love Song, such a gorgeous shade! One Horned Unicorn is a clear with pink sheen to it and glitters, very pretty and perfect for when you just want some sparkly lips. Naughty Nurse is a pretty light pink that took some layering on my lips to really show, but I have pretty pigmented lips. Dripping in Gold was more of an orangey gold to me, gorgeous though and I can see myself wearing it a  ton. I am very satisfied with this purchase as I have been with anything I have ever gotten from Moi. The shadows blend wonderfully and are not lacking in the pigmentation department and the customer service is wonderful. The glosses have good staying power and feel great on as they are not too sticky. Definitely check them out if you have not, the prices are great and the service fantastic. Shipping can take a bit if you are in the States like I am, but that is to be expected when purchasing from Canada. *I usually get mine in about two weeks and I am in Texas.I hope you all enjoyed this post and I will try and get some lip swatches up when I get a chance and will edit the post then. :)

Hips,whips and strawberry lips:

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