Friday, June 29, 2012

Moi Minerals lip gloss mania!

Recently there was a lip gloss sample sale on the Moi Minerals site and I so took advantage of the 7 samples for $10 deal. I love every other gloss I have ever gotten from Moi and these are no exception! The glosses are thick but not sticky and feel super nice on your lips. Highly recommend you check out their glosses if you haven't already. They range from $2- $6.99 and come in sample size, 3.5 ml tubes and 8ml tubes and come with doe foot applicators on the non sample sizes.

*This was my first time really focusing on lip swatches and had sort of a hard time taking the pics, so please excuse them! Gloss descriptions are off the site.

My invoice with note from Holly. :)

The label has Pandora written on the bottom gloss, but the color is Paranormal.

Violent Violet: Lovely Violet with Multidimensional shimmer of greens,gold & blues.

Beyond Eternity: High Gloss Copper with pink tones loaded with Shimmer

Naughty But Nice: High Gloss Coral Pink loaded with shimmer

Chiller Attraction: High Gloss Deep fuchsia pink with loads of shimmer   

Paranormal: High Gloss Deep Violet with glossy Blue tones

Pink Silk: Soft pink with silky shimmer

Outer Space: High Gloss with loads of  Multidimensional colored shimmer & Sparks of green,mauve,blue,gold

Chiller Attraction

Naughty But Nice (should of cleaned up my lip a bit at the bottom :/) Gorgeous color, will get used a lot

Beyond Eternity: Will use this one a ton!

Pink Silk: Probably my least fav, due to the lightness of the pink but I  still like it

Violent Violet (LOVE)

Paranormal: Awesomely fun shade

Outer Space: I was trying to get the light to hit just right to show the shimmers and ending up looking duck facey :( (LOVE this gloss)

Yet again Holly rocks my socks with her awesome products and customer service! If you still have yet to check them out you really are missing out on some great stuff. Prices are right, shipping is at a good rate and customer service is wonderful. What colors do you have or want from Moi? Have you tried them out and if so what did you think?
Have a lovely weekend everyone and as always:

Hips,whips and strawberry lips:

*Everything seen was purchased with my own money and opinions are purely my own

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