Monday, June 4, 2012

Pretty Addictions first impression!

On Tuesday of this past week I saw on the Pretty Addictions FB page that they were almost out of the Hello Kitty collections, now me being a fan of Hello Kitty I decided that I had to have it before it was all gone. I ordered the set on Wednesday morning and had my shipping confirmation by the end of the day, which I was very happy about. I received my package on Friday and was not only impressed by the fast shipping, but the packaging and which was very cute. The colors are well pigmented and swatched well, I believe they will also be easy to work with, but I have yet to use them in a look so I can not attest to that right now, but will soon. The only slight gripe that I do have is the lack of sifters in the pots, not a big deal but I do prefer it when they come shipped with sifters as it helps to avoid spillage in transit. The ingredients are listed clearly on the bottom of the pot which of course is a huge plus and the labels are bright and fun. I also liked the personal touch of a little note from the owner Kas on my receipt, it is the little things like this that make me enjoy buying from indie companies so much. After this buying experience and my overall satisfaction with the product, I will more than likely be purchasing from Pretty Addictions again in the future. :)

*note swatches done over Concrete Minerals Electric eye primer

A bright pink label!!

Package came wrapped up in this cute paper with a little bow. :)


Cute little tin the shadows came in that my nieces are now fighting over.

Love these labels, so bright and fun looking!

The bottom of the pots with ingredients

Silly Lilly: a lovely mauve color with some shimmer

Big Pink bow: A bright pink loaded with little silver glitters

Desire: a sky matte blue that seemed to have some light glitters in it

Coconut Cream: White with white glitters, it reminded me of fresh fallen snow.

Lil Pansy; Gorgeous purple with silver shimmer

Banana Cream: lovely light yellow with shimmer

Top to bottom: Lil Pansy, Silly Lily, Big Pink Bow, Desire,Coconut Cream and Banana Cream

Lil Pansy

Silly Lily

Big Pink Bow


Coconut Cream

Banana Cream

L-R Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Desire, Big Pink Bow, Silly Lily, Lil Pansy


 As you can see the colors are lovely and very pigmented. My favorites of the bunch so far are Big Pink Bow, Lil Pansy and Coconut Cream and I can not wait to use them in a look soon. Have you tried Pretty Addictions? What are your thoughts? Any colors I should try on my next order?

Hope you all have a lovely Monday.. :)

Hips,whips and strawberry lips:

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