Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LOVE + vs @#$%!

I have a mild obsession with Sugarpill and red eye shadows and so of course I had to get my hands on @#$%! which is a limited edition shadow. When I got it at first I thought it was a dead on dupe for Love+ but after really comparing I have come to see the differences in the shades. They are similar I will not lie, but different enough to me to not feel like I bought the same color with just silver sparkles added to it. lol

Left to right: @#$%! is the top and Love+ is the bottom, no base. Love+ with no base and then over primer. @#$%! no base and then over primer (no flash)

With flash
As you can see, while similar Love+ is a bit darker and not as pink toned as @#$%! with a kinda gold shimmer to it while @#$%! has the silver glitter. Both are very pigmented and apply pretty opaquely without primer and are even more awesome over primer. They are both very smooth and swatched easily. I see myself putting @#$%! to work pretty often and am thinking of doing a look using both soon. I hope you found this comparison helpful.

Hips,whips and strawberry lips,

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