Thursday, September 20, 2012

MOI Minerals Metal Mania gloss collection

I received my Metal Mania gloss set from MOI Minerals the other day and decided to do a little post about them! There are 4 colors in the set and each one is quite lovely, though I will say that Red Wine was my least favorite of the bunch as it is kinda watery and not too easy to use. I am not sure if it got funny in the mail due to the heat or if it is just like that or if I just got a dud, gorgeous color but not really usable. :( The other ones went on pretty smoothly and are very layer-able and pretty, my favorite being Bronze at the moment. Overall, it is a good set to have and I believe they are even available for individual purchase. 

Gold, this is about 2 coats of gloss 

Silver, this is about 2 coats of gloss

Bronze, this is about 2 coats of gloss

Red Wine, about 2 coats of gloss and as you can see it is very streaky. :/

I really like these glosses so far and they seem to wear well though I haven't really had a chance to really test them yet and I like how they are build able and not sticky. I am still trying to get the hang of lip swatches and am saving up for a better camera so I can get better swatch pics, can't wait for that! Any camera suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Thursday lovelies ♥

Hips,whips and strawberry lips:

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